Power Solution

No power, No work. As soon as there is a power cut work comes to an abrupt end causing lots of loss not just monetarily but also to your reputation. But non-stop work is the call of the day. Irrespective of what the cause is the show must always go on. For an uninterrupted play of work and no data loss we supply power back-up solutions like UPS, Batteries, Stabilizers of brands like APC and Numeric; ranging from 500 VA to 20 KVA. All these solutions are present at all major corporates today.

UPS Systems Power Stabilizers Isolation Transformers
Inventors/Home Power Products DC /Power Batteries Solar Power & LED Lighting
Custom built power conditioners Power Quality Management Products  


Alphabet Computer Consultancy's expert teams make sure that it delivers appropriate tool for appropriate work. For domestic use it believes that the power solution should be powerful with reliable performance and at a reasonable price.


Industrial power solutions from Alphabet Computer Consultancyprovides stable output for operating sensitive machinery and office equipments like PCs and printers.

Online UPS

An online UPS makes sure that it protects the infrastructure from power breakdowns which otherwise can affect the entire operation or running of the organization. Such a breakdown can cause huge data loss.